Case Studies of ERP Implementations

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ExcelForte has servered several SMEs in Singapore. Below are some case studies of the various industries to show how ExcelForte has helped these companies use our software to improve productivity.

Construction and Renovation Services

ZL Construction Pte Ltd

An SME that provides renovation and construction needs to both residential and business tenants. ZL Construction adopted the integrated solution of cloud based ExcelForte Quotation with Accounting System


The company had been preparing quotations manually and this led to problems such as high tendency of human errors for the pricing as well as inconsistency in the quotation format and outlook.

The process of preparing quotations was time-consuming as the staff had to manually calculate the pricing of each item based on the given measurements of the floor plan. In order to standardise the pricing, the staff had to submit the first draft to the management for vetting. This process usually would take about 7 days.

Also, there was inconsistency in the pricings of the quotation due to human errors.


The ExcelForte team worked with the company management and staff to determine and standardise a pricing format for the company. This process was tedious but necessary in order for ExcelForte to devise a system that would work for the company. ExcelForte had to work with management and staff across the various levels to help the company determine where they could standardise and systemise their quotation formats. After building the system, ExcelForte then worked with the ZL Construction departments to debug and train the staff to use the system.


After implementing the ExcelForte accounting solution, the company experienced:

  • Higher efficiency as the time required to prepare each quotation was cut down from 7 days to 2 hours
  • Accuracy in quotation pricing as the calculation of prices for each item was automated
  • Consistency and standardisation in the layout and contents of every quotation
Engineering Services

Tri-star Engineering

An SME that provides a full range of engineering and technical services that support national security. Tri-Star adopted the Integrated solution of cloud based ExcelForte HR Payroll with Accounting System in 2013.


Before adopting ExcelForte’s HR and Payroll system, the company was using an old system which the staff found unreliable and inefficient. The system was slow and also it was unable to synchronise the data and information that was keyed in.

Also, the company used to file hardcopy records of the payrolls, staff salary and invoicing manually. Not only was the filing process time-consuming, it was also difficult to extract information such as staff particulars and payroll. This made it inefficient and stressful for the staff.


The company found the filing process time-consuming and tedious, and was unable to extract staff information efficiently as the system was slow and unreliable. The ExcelForte team had to understand the old system and how it was being used by the company, then work with the HR department to construct an improved system flow with new functions that considered updates in technology. After which, ExcelForte was then able to help the company implement the system.


Once the new system from ExcelForte was implemented, the company experienced these productivity outcomes:

  • Reduced time taken for data-entry as the system was faster, simpler and easier to use
  • Minimized human errors in payroll as the calculation of payment was now automated
  • Extracting information of payroll, staff salary and invoicing had become hassle-free and fast
Retail and Distribution

ASM Frozen Foods

An SME that specialises in frozen foods distribution. ASM adopted the integrated solution of the ExcelForte Point-of-Sale (POS) with Cloud-Based Accounting System. This integrated system has saved them more than S$30,000 a year.


The company used to create invoices manually and there was a high tendency of human errors. One of the common mistakes made was keying of wrong data such as the quantity of the items requested and this led to unnecessary time and money wasted to rectify the problem.

The staff had to print the invoices for record purposes and the filing process was tedious and time consuming. The tracking system to monitor the list of customers for credit and cash sales was not efficient as the records were tracked manually.

On an average, it took about an hour to prepare and issue invoices to customers during a sales.


ExcelForte worked with the company to determine where their main inefficiencies were and had to also work with the staff and management to determine what they would like to see from the system (a wish list). After which, our team recommended them our POS system and customised it to be integrated with our cloud-based accounting system. Our challenge was in working with the client’s team to understand their thought process and what would work best for their workforce, who were retail people, with minimal accounting knowledge, and yet provide them a system that would fulfill accounting requirements.


ASM was able to:

  • Cut down the time required to generate invoices from one hour to less than 5 minutes
  • Keep track of sales, both credit and cash on a monthly basis
  • Eliminate human errors during data entry
  • Easily retrieve past sales record
  • Enjoy cost savings of S$30,000 per annum